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Monthly Subscription - $149/Month

Annual Subscription - $1430/year

  1. ARMR Model Portfolio: Index / Swing /Invest
    • Email alerts of all changes
    • Detailed Spreadsheet of all positions including Dates / Prices / Stops & Targets
    • Access to Archives to follow it all
  2. ARMR Whiteboard: Proprietary fundamental research coverage
    • Email alerts of all changes
    • Grouped by investment theme
    • 'Top of the Board' designation to reveal names requiring urgent review
  3. ARMR Risk Monitor
    • Email alerts of all changes
    • Clear & concise way to implement proprietary quantitative algorithms
    • Designed to help investors make the big picture critical Risk On/Risk Off decisions
  4. ARMR Exclusive Video Coverage
    • Email Alerts of all new videos posted
    • This is the VIP section where you will find content created for ARMR Insiders Only
    • The Morning Meeting from Slack room posted EoD
    • The In-Game Update from Slack room posted EoD
    • Stock specific research revealed & explained
  5. ARMR Captain's Log
    • Email Alerts of all entries into the Log
    • Daily morning entries to get you ready for the trading session
    • Evening entries when necessary to help understand day's action
    • Highlights from the prior day's Slack room discussion
  6. ARMR Report Rules of the Road
    • Email Alerts of all new rules
    • Comprehensive list of all I've learned from 30+ years in the trenches
    • Updated with new rules as we grow together
  7. ARMR Slack Trading Desk
    • Become part of the ARMR Insider community and get real time updates during the trading session
    • ARMR Portfolio changes as they happen
    • DayTrade opportunities to protect capital & capture upside
    • Fundamental stock information as it breaks including company conference calls covered with analysis to understand news that moves markets
    • Join our army of analysts, supported by a tank division of Algos, conquering the Alpha world
  8. ARMR Live Screen Share Trading Desk
    • Total ARMR immersion from 9:00 - 11:30
    • Access Day/Swing trading ideas before the bell rings
    • Watch us employ ARMR Algos as it happens when the battle begins
    • Learn ARMR Trading techniques explained step by step as we execute
    • Active Q & A to make the most of the learning experience
    • And apply the ARMR Algos to your trading/investing ideas
  9. One on One Investment coaching
    • You have earned the right to chat one on one with me, Bret Rosenthal, to discuss strategy, risk management technique or anything else that you determine requires clarification & analysis

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