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for investors who can’t be on the desk all day

Your portfolio suffers

every time you…


make poor stock selections

execute without strategy

trade without discipline

But you can put an end to all of that and start reaching your investing goals more quickly.

At the ARMR Report we make investing easier by giving you the tools normally only available to professional portfolio managers — and then we teach you how to use them.

DIY investing strategy for individual stock market investors

Be the smart money

Invest with same high level, actionable information as portfolio managers around the world.

If you want to learn how to:

  • protect capital and capture upside
  • understand the full macro picture
  • make good stock selections
  • strategically execute with algos and boosted AI
  • uplevel your risk management skills

But you can’t be on the desk all day… we’ve designed this experience just for you.

captain's note

Receive the daily Captain’s Note

In this pre-market email Bret outlines the risk monitor update, macro picture and relevant trends, portfolio structures and trading strategy, plus whiteboard research to help you prep for each trading session. Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader or long-term investor — whether you’re creating a conservative, balanced or aggressive portfolio — these notes provide global, comprehensive insights and suggestions for how to customize your application of the ARMR Report Way.

morning meeting

Watch the Morning Meeting replay

These 20 – 30 minute videos offer chart review, update of the risk monitor, plus real-time market insights and interpretations to prep your trading plan. Expanding on the themes in the Captain’s Note (and taking questions from ARMR Insiders) each daily meeting allows you to learn directly from Bret as he covers what it takes to make good investments from entry to exit. Bonus: ARMR up your portfolio management discipline as Bret offers mindset and trading psychology suggestions, solutions, and real examples from stories of his own experience over the past 30+ years.

all day trading livestream

Join the desk on important news days

When the Fed releases numbers, decisions, or statements the market experiences immediate impact. On our ARMR live trading desk we’ve developed detailed protocols and strategies for trading before, during, and after the release of Fed type news — and we’re going to share that with you. On the morning of such events, you will receive a private, Insider Only link to join the all-day ARMR trading livestream so that you receive market interpretation, insights, and trading strategies designed to help you quickly and effectively respond to the market’s reaction.

insider live event

Attend the ARMR Monthly Macro Meeting

Join Bret and other ARMR Insiders in the virtual ARMR conference room to review the previous month’s outcomes and develop strategy for the month ahead. Operating like a research meeting on a live hedge fund trading desk, this meeting is an opportunity to connect in conversation with Bret and your ARMR colleagues, get answers to your questions, plus explore and exchange thoughts and ideas in real time. Informal in agenda and wide-ranging in subjects, you’re invited to ask questions and share opinions about trading, investing, trading psychology, risk management, fundamental research, the macro perspective — and whatever else is on your mind that relates to portfolio management.

With these core ARMR assets you have the opportunity to:

  • End trading chaos, confusion, and frustration
  • Implement well-defined entries and exits
  • Develop a strategy for booking gains and protecting profits
  • Execute a strict risk management protocol


Major bonus…

If you decide to upgrade to ARMR Insider status in the first six (6) months, your ARMR Report investment can be applied toward the full Insider subscription.


Hundreds of individual investors just like you are learning how to grow their portfolios

by learning how to think, act, and invest like a professional portfolio manager. 

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I was a profitable trader prior to joining the ARMR Report.  Since joining, I have learned from Bret to high grade my trades which has improved my win ratio and profitability.  I think both new traders and experienced traders can benefit from Bret's experience and systems.  Plus, trading can be a lonely activity.  It is nice to have a group of traders with whom to chat and share ideas. 

- Paul D.

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I have been a subscriber to many newsletters or other services and was never really satisfied with them because there was always a lack of profound insight in why and when to buy or sell stocks. What I wanted to learn is to get in the head of a professional trader. The ARMR Report is just doing that, it's education from a pro, what more can you wish?

- Henk K.

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I can’t thank Bret enough for the disciplines I’ve learned from 3 years with the ARMR Report. His 30 years of experience is invaluable, and so is our desk of analysts.  If you want to shorten the learning curve to building net worth, this is it.

- Dustin P.

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I've been following Bret since May 2019 when he was beginning as a podcaster and I was even greener as a trader. He has taught me many things but there are two that I always follow. First, buy weakness in the midst of strength and second, "Protect Capital First" and "Capture Upside Second".

- Ken V.

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Bret is always there when you have a question about a stock, chart, idea, style of investing, etc. Which is great. What I like most is he teaches/learns at the same time and shares what works and owns what doesn't. The #1 thing I have learned is capital protection first.

- Kevin G.

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I’ve learned so much from Bret since I joined in 2020.... Before I started as an ARMR Insider ... I did not have the knowledge or planning ability to grow my portfolio.... with Bret's extensive background, experience, and amazing ability to teach, I now trade each day following a … professional step-by-step [and] have the confidence to trade like a pro in up and down markets. Bret's knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge with patience …. is not something that can be taught in college or university, it is beyond that.

- Stephen A.

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Since I joined ARMR Report and Bret 2+ years ago my trading and discipline with my trades has increased every month. Bret’s experience with trading … gives me the structure I need ... to be successful. I am a busy doctor so his research in conjunction with ... ARMR Insiders’ saves me a lot of time [and] the fact that Bret is always a phone call/message away to answer questions ... gives me added comfort in my trades.

- Nima S.

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One thing I've learned over my two years with Bret is that investing is a journey, not a race. Most important thing is to choose your guide wisely. Many fake investment gurus out there. I know my strengths and weaknesses as an investor, and I needed The ARMR Report Way to show me how to protect capital.

- Erez S.

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I am being exposed to information and insider research I never could have found by myself. Learning from Bret I have been better able to understand market machinations and the reality behind price action that comes from Bret's long experience as an active trader…. The professionalism, positivity, and engagement of the live trading desk community is something I cannot overstate.

- Derek M.

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My first thoughts [about Bret] were “incredibly knowledgeable and honest”. From technical things like buy triggers, utilization of VWAPS, to position size importance and stop loss discipline I have had the best trading of my amateur career since January. What Bret provides is special and I appreciate the opportunity to be learning from him daily.

- Anukool C.

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What attracted me to this group was Bret’s mantra of “Protect capital first, capture upside second.”.... Applying this discipline has allowed me to protect my portfolio during the wild swings and treacherous collapse of the current market.... I’m grateful to the ARMR Report for showing me how to take emotion out of decisions by following a well thought out process that’s essential to successful long-term investing.

- Lina K.

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Bret's technical expertise and experience provides unique advantage, and the Insider group/team has lots of camaraderie. The most important changes and outcomes I have experienced are better capital preservation and growth through Bret's unique and powerful risk management tools and becoming a better trader and investor by following Bret on the live trading desk. He coaches you to protect the money you have and grow your wealth.

- Richard S.

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Seeing Bret’s real time execution and emotional management has helped me learn to execute significantly better. His style of management has given me ideas which I can lean into based on my risk tolerance. Bret’s leadership plus the virtual hedge fund of experienced and motivated traders provides important knowledge that allows me to navigate ever-changing market conditions, focus on leading groups, and most importantly, build alpha!

- Miguel B.

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Before joining The ARMR Report I was making good buys yet watching my profits disappear. I was looking for a better means of managing my trades.... Risk management is a learned behavior and Bret’s discipline for preserving capital balanced with high probability investment decisions is just a few of the many things I value in being a member.

- Noel V.

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Just, wow. So much money and good people.

- Chad B.

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Bret's service is amazing. It has a great system unlike any other I've found. The ARMR Report  caters to any investing or trading styles and gives you great actionable information and risk management from Bret and the other ARMR members. I've learned so much and done much better with it! 

- Gabe O.

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I'm loving the educational and down-to-earth talks from Bret. It gives me good guidance on the overall-market condition, tips-and-tricks and perseverance when the market is a bit disappointing.

- Sim B.

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Bret has taught me how to be patient and not try to force my will on the market. I also appreciate Bret's take on precious metals. They will have their day! I appreciate all you do!

- Jesse A.

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Bret is a wonderful adviser .... His knowledge and skills work well. In my past year of membership I've learned the most from his teaching.

- Jas X.

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Unlike the other talking heads, Bret doesn't tell us what to do, but rather what to do whether [the market] either goes up or down.

- Jim J.

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Bret has taught me to be a disciplined trader. Patiently waiting for setups to develop and the use of stops to protect capital have been a valuable asset.

- Don W.

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I love Bret's authenticity. He shares .... things he is doing - whether it is things on his watchlist, or trades he has initiated. Many of his trades are VERY successful! I hope to subscribe once I can get the funds together! He is THAT good!

- Patrick O.

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It is not only Bret's 30 years of experience with ARMR rules and investing strategies but also his stories and anecdotes that intrigue me. I have learned to protect my capital: buying at the right time and by using stoploss. I use the Risk Monitor as a guide for both the Swedish market the US market as well as pension funds.

- Hakan P.

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As a new investor I am so grateful for Bret’s guidance. In addition to the education on market jargon that I have gleaned from Bret the thing that struck me most is the discipline of his methodology that separates human emotion from getting on the way! I still have much to learn and look forward to the journey ahead with you Bret.

- Raman R.

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From Bret I've learned to focus on preserving capital. The ARMR Report information helps me be a better trader because of the algos. I call it 'no emotion, just be a machine.'

- John P.

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What I really learned from Bret is about how to manage my own capital managing the risk. Now, the ARMR risk monitor (red, yellow, green) drives my investment decisions, and truly saves me a lot of money in the last two years following his risk rules. Another big lesson from him is not to be emotional, be patient and put capital to work when the reward/risk equation is in our favor.

- Josep D.

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The most important thing Bret has taught me and that I'm grateful for is keeping calm during the ups and downs of the market: a significant aspect of trading psychology. His honesty through the process is one that I admire truly. I was new to the world of stocks before starting with Bret and I have come a long way with his wonderful trading methods and techniques.
- Bhavan B.

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Bret is a seasoned investor and seems genuinely interested in helping us all to become better traders. I am a beginner in this stock market adventure and Bret makes room and content for EVERYONE.… He embodies sincerity, integrity, and kindness. Bret has helped me learn to be a better trader by providing a safe venue for beginners to learn and ask questions.

- Debbie G.

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Thanks, Bret, for your insight and knowledge to apply to my investing. I ... watch your Week in Review for tips. Your time is valuable.

- Festeroso, W.

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If you are not on the ARMR Pro Live Desk today you are missing a virtuoso performance by our Captain playing the market with a Stradivarius touch…

- Gary R.

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I found Bret on YouTube over a year ago and was immediately drawn into his unique ability to communicate concepts/thoughts. Many are successful traders, but so very few can translate what they know into easy to follow, actionable steps. Simply put, Bret is an excellent teacher.
I have already improved my strategies that I will no doubt continue to refine. I look forward to my continued growth as a member of his virtual hedge fund.

- Craig M.

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Bret is a wise person with a good moral compass. The best thing I learned from him is to ‘Trade with No Ego.’ ARMR Rule #6: “Create a strategy and execute and follow through that strategy to completion, no matter what is going on in the market”. This is the truest but the hardest principle to follow when trading and investing.

- Kathleen T.

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The information that comes from the ARMR family is exactly what I like: it will put you on a stock that is theoretically ready to appreciate and so no wasted time waiting for movement of the asset. Here you will find some of the best timely fundamental and technical analysis in a concise and easy to understand format.

- John A.

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I have followed Bret and his ARMR approach for over a year.... I tune in for his sage advice. His premise, to preserve capital, means his advice is cautious - never reckless. Bret is a flat-out expert on reading chart patterns [and] provides me with the necessary macro and micro analysis. By the close of the market [one day] my account value had increased by 12.16%. Mr. Rosenthal, your approach to the markets is golden.

- Jay N.

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Bret helps you time the buy ... but more importantly when to hit the sell button to preserve capital ... priceless!

- Victoria N.

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After finding Bret on YouTube, I thought he was refreshing and honest. What I found most impressive is that the ARMR community really is a body of shared ideas with a humble and very knowledgeable leader in Bret. He shows us daily that even he can keep learning and making adjustments. Thank you, Bret!

- Brian E.

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One thing that Bret re-confirmed is that many of these journalists, broadcasters, etc., are just noise. I mean, I used to think, "Hey, that makes sense", only to have the market go the other way on my trade. Additionally, his speaking about entry points have helped me from chasing stocks, although I still do, but I'm much more constrained. Another thing he has taught me is to stop a loss. It's helped me free money. I like his idea of preserving money.

- Wesley T.

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