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I didn’t want to work in finance.

There, I said it.

Yes, the Rosenthals are a close family.

Yes, my father and brother have always worked together as money managers who help people wisely understand how to invest in the stock market.

Yes, when we moved to Florida in 2005 I joined Rosenthal Capital Management for a few years to help launch three hedge funds.

But I always wanted to do something on my own that allowed me to use my unique gift of using words to help people. And so, instead of building a career with Dad and Bret I went off on my own adventures.

Yet today, happily, here I am with you: ARMR Partner, community builder, marketing director, and performance coach.

How I brought all those things to the world of ARMR is a bit of an interesting story….

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You might know by now that I grew up with a father who evolved his MBA from Columbia University into a career as a Wall Street analyst before shooting to stardom as a high net worth money manager at three of Wall Street’s top firms. Our nightly family dinner table was full of market stories, world events interpretation, and trader personalities. I understood enough to know that such a fast-paced, world-fate environment full of numbers wasn’t the place for me.

You see, from the age of seven I’ve known: I’m a letters girl.

I wrote my first short story at the age of seven; my first novel at the age of eight. Today I’m the award-nominated author of three books, an award-winning blogger, popular speaker, and widely featured media personality.

But that’s (almost) the end of the story.

To understand how and where I fit into the ARMR universe let’s go back to the beginning of my 30+-year career in communications….

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My professional communications focus launched when I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual degree in Communications and English. I hit Manhattan shortly after graduation and developed a career that spanned multiple industries, including advertising, public relations, television, publishing, marketing, theater, academia – and finance.

Yep, back in the mid-90s I actually did work in finance when I spent a couple of years in Fund Administration at BEA Associates (prior to the Credit Suisse acquisition) in the areas of administration, investor relations, and marketing.

In every industry my focus became the same: I love the writing, talking, and community-building aspect of communications. Whether the work revolved around developing ad campaigns, representing celebrity entertainers and Manhattan nightclubs, educating investors, working for the publisher of the Harry Potter series, or teaching PR in the business school at a major New York City university, I like connecting people to experiences, ideas, and each other.

As a serial entrepreneur since the early 90s, using language, creating environments, and coordinating the connection of like-minded people has always been at the center of my work; never more so than in the mental health space.

For over fifteen years I built a private practice as a Trauma Recovery Specialist while also assisting in building communities for large organizations who wanted to expand their mental health initiatives. From the military to substance abuse centers to mental health advocacy I brought my blend of training in combination with personal experience to help individuals and groups better learn how to manage stress and the outcomes of its effects. As a professional writer, speaker, and program designer I developed protocols to help individuals and professionals learn how to leave the past behind and succeed at higher levels in the present.

All of which is so very relevant in the world of stock market investing. Learning how to trade stocks in ways that protect capital and capture upside contains many moments of stress, anxiety, and discomfort, doesn’t it? I bet you’ve already discovered that how you manage those elements critically affects the way you execute your trading strategy.

(Feel free to shoot me a note about your observations on this; I love learning from the inside scoop.)

Now, here’s the beauty of synergy and timing:

Bret is one of my favorite people in the world. When we were just young kids (really young, less than ten), we started our first business together: a bank in my bedroom. (We actually had real bank notepads from a branch we had visited with my father on a business trip, which meant we felt like we were the real deal with every scribbled transaction.)

In 2022, when Bret invited me to join him in developing and expanding the impact of the ARMR Report, of course, I paused to really consider the idea. If I was coming back to the world of numbers, it had to be in a way that all my letters would be valuable!

We walked the beach and talked things through several times. Our conversations occurred at a time when I was aware that I’d achieved all that I wanted to accomplish in the trauma/mental health space. As a serial entrepreneur I was beginning to look for the next fun opportunity.

The more Bret shared his ARMR mission and future vision with me the more excited I became: he is out to do such good in the world. Easily, I recognized that everything about who I am and what I love to do (and the type of people I love to do it with) aligned with the ARMR Report. Here, in this unique space where individual investors can access all the power of the institutions in ways that can directly improve stock market investing profitability, I had an opportunity to serve in a very special way.

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In fact, my training as a Certified Professional Coach included study of high-performance habits – super useful for any portfolio manager who wants to learn how to invest in stocks in ways that increase productivity, creativity, vision, follow through and discipline.

Another bonus in the realm of performance: My status as Board Certified Hypnotist contains a specialty in trauma and PTSD. This means that I can easily and effectively teach anyone techniques designed to help you overcome unconscious programming caused by past events or present stressors. Imagine that: you can stop self-sabotage, reduce or even eliminate anxiety, and transform into a grounded, centered, focused (and perhaps calm) trader who naturally executes according to protocols that can create successful and healthy trading strategies.

Lastly, as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming I’m steeped in knowledge about how to change neural pathways in the brain to optimize and enhance behaviors, thoughts, actions, decision-making and follow through. For several years I covered neuroscience for a variety of publications and have written about the concepts extensively in my own books.

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When I reflected on whether the ARMR Report was the next best step for me, the clear answer revealed itself: Yes. On this platform I can do what I love by helping ARMR Pros like you access the next best level of stock market trading talents and skills. I can contribute to building a meaningful and welcoming community that invites portfolio managers of all nationalities, backgrounds, and experience to support each other on the quest for alpha.

And I can do it all in collaboration with my baby brother, a man whom I deeply admire, respect, and value as the leader of our virtual hedge fund live trading desk. What he’s accomplished in designing the ARMR Report Way and establishing this creative force of a community cuts down on the frustration of investing, eliminates the loneliness of being an individual investor, and offers a clear path to successful stock market trading without a lot of roundtripping, huge draw downs in net worth, or hijacking by ego and emotion.

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So, here I am, working in finance. And, here you are, learning about the ARMR Report and how it might help you more successfully achieve your stock trading goals.

Come, make the decision. Step onto the desk.

Let’s have some fun together while we wrangle the noise of the inner and outer worlds; wrestle the market and its unpredictable fluctuations; and smooth out the wrinkles in your stock marketing investing technique so that you can more successfully protect capital and capture alpha during every stock market trading session.

I’m always in the background of the desk… looking forward and excited to meet you there.

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