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My story is full of plot twists and blessings-in-disguise.

Ever since my grade school and high school years, I’ve been that overachiever kid who wants to get the best of everything. I’m very much involved in extracurricular activities, standing in as president of multiple organizations in our school.

At first, I thought my track was in leadership. Being on the student council for a few years, I thought that this was my calling—to serve others, and later on get on a political science career.

Until I lost a school-wide election. I was down because of that loss and thought that everything just went awry. It wasn’t according to plan, and I didn’t have back up yet.

However, that loss opened a new door for me. The opportunity to be straight up Managing Editor of our school publications.

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Through this new opportunity, I was able to experience more. We went to several inter-school, inter-region, and national press conferences that honed more of my writing and communication skills. Eventually, I realized that a closed door on the student council opened a window that led me to the publication, which gave me the lessons that I can use until now. Everything just felt right from then, and I knew I was in the right place.

That was my first plot twist and blessing-in-disguise.

My experiences with the student publication pushed me to pursue a degree in communications. I was fortunate enough to study at the University of the Philippines Manila and graduate Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Organizational Communication in 2019.

It was all going well. I was able to land a corporate job shortly after graduation and I’m just enjoying the process. I got introduced to the world of Marketing and felt like my writing, design, and communication skills perfectly match this career.

Until the pandemic happened. At one snap, almost everything changed. We needed to work remotely, and at some point, we were forced to reduce our working hours because our company also needed to tone down operations to save costs and overhead expenses.

This was my sign to look for extra streams of income to be able to support our needs and save up for the future. Luckily, I was able to find opportunities with overseas teams, like the ARMR Report. Michele and Bret are exceptional bosses, and I’m learning so much from them.

A door closed but another window opened. Another plot twist and blessing-in-disguise.

I know there will still be much more in store for me in this life-long journey. But as always, I will choose to trust the process and enjoy whatever life brings me. Thankfully, in my case, everything still works out in the end.

But I would also like to believe that it’s just about perspective and taking the leap of faith.

Is trading my next plot twist? We don’t yet know!

For now, I’m in the background assisting Michele and Bret. We’d love to see you on the trading desk, so take your own leap of faith now!