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Be the Smart Money

What Makes the ARMR Investing Way Different?

Individual investors deserve access to the same level of information as the institutions against whom they’re trading. We teach ARMR Insiders how to invest in the stock market like professional portfolio managers.

In this video, we explain the 9 steps of the ARMR Investing Way. Bret shares his philosophy on how to ‘Be the Smart Money’ by increasing net worth in a meaningful way, protecting it, and avoiding the round-trip experience that drives us all crazy.

What to Expect Throughout the Trading Day

We don’t day trade — we smart trade. Learn what that means…

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Research coverage: what you may hear daily on the desk…

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Investors vs. traders — here’s the difference, and why it matters…

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Investing targets: this is the focus of our daily lunch meetings…

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“We’re constantly creating new videos, playbooks, notes, strategies, and processes to support the expansion of your understanding, knowledge, and skill.”

Bret Rosenthal, ARMR CIO